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Our journey in springers started with a beautiful liver and white springer that was rescued from the local dog shelter, an amazing dog from day one, we could never figure out why she ended up in a shelter in the first place. When we lost her, our family was devastated, and it did not take us very long to decide that we needed to bring another dog into our house and the decision was unanimous it HAD to be a springer.

We were a young family and “we only wanted a pet” so our search began for our new family member. Since I was new to the world of dogs, I had no idea how to find a good breeder, I had no idea what questions to ask them to be sure our new pet would be healthy, besides we really didn’t want to spend a fortune” we were just looking for a pet…a family dog, not a show dog!!”

Dodger came home to us on Canada Day in 2007, he was an awesome addition to our family, our girls fell in love immediately, now our lives were complete again.

Somewhere around the 2-year mark Dodger had his first seizure, I awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of terror coming from my girls. We waited out the seizure and after a while Dodger was his normal self, off to the vet the next day and a diagnosis of epilepsy. We spent tens of thousands of dollars over the next 4 years, trips to specialists to keep the seizures at bay, medicating 4 times a day with 3 different medications. All this was to no avail when one horrible August evening the seizures began and in a matter of hours, he experienced 10 to 12 seizures that we could not stop even with the use of valium. We made the hardest decision of our life that day and ended his suffering at only 6 years old.


I was mad. The woman who sold me this beautiful dog would not answer my emails or phone calls, she wanted no part of hearing the issues we had.


THIS moment was the catalyst that started our journey into well-bred pure-bred dogs.

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